Why is my dot Board not charging?

If your board is functional, but not taking a charge as it should, the first thing to check is that the magnetic charge port is clean, dry, and clear of any debris. If that connection appears to be alright, then check that the ‘charger brick’ is showing a small green light to confirm that power is making it to that adaptor.

If all of this appears to be alright, but you still aren’t seeing any signs that your dot Board is charging, then you may need to do a reset. You can reset your dot Board in two ways:

  1. Plugging your dot Board into an external power source using the Micro-USB Port.
  2. Removing all battery modules from your dot Board and waiting at least two minutes before replacing them.

Once you’ve completed this reset, your dot Board should charge as normal. But if you’re still experiencing issues with your dot Board, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team via our Contact Form.