How do I know my dot Board is charging?

Next to the charging port on your dot Board is an LED light. This light will show different colours and flashing patterns based on the charging status of your board.

You can keep track of how the charging process is progressing by checking for these lights:

  • Flashing Blue Light – Your dot Board is waiting to be turned on or put on charge.
  • Flashing Red Light – Your dot Board is on low power but is currently charging. 
  • Flashing Yellow Light – Your batteries are midway through their charge.
  • Flashing Green Light – Your batteries are nearing full power.
  • Solid Green Light – Your batteries are fully charged.

dot Battery modules house lithium-ion cells that don’t need to be charged all the way. This means that you don’t have to wait until you get a solid green light to get out for a skate. With a range of up to 14km per battery per full charge, partial charges are still going to be plenty on most short to medium length trips on your dot Board.