Why am I getting ‘Hot Motor’ notifications?

The dot Hub Motor is a powerful bit of technology – a single motor is enough to carry most riders up a 15% incline, and a dual setup will carry most riders up 30% inclines without any trouble. But extended work will produce heat that takes time to dissipate, and prolonged high temperatures can affect the integrity of the motor.

The dot Remote is programmed to provide you with warnings that correlate with the temperatures inside your dot Hub Motors. Along with the screen notification, users with hot motors will feel:

  • Two short haptic blip vibrations when the motors are over 90°C.
  • Three short haptic blip vibrations when the motors are over 120°C.

You won’t receive continuous alerts, but if the temperature drops 20°C below either of these thresholds and then heats back up, you’ll get fresh notifications with the same haptic blips. Easing up on the braking, avoiding extended steep climbs, and otherwise giving your motors a chance to cool will help you avoid the ‘Hot Motor’ notification and the automated reduction in power.

If you’re getting repeated notifications when you shouldn’t be, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team via our Contact Form.