First Post – dot Compact

First Post – dot Compact

It has been almost a year since the dot board was first launched at the end of 2019, with the world changing so much, it seems like an eternity ago. With more time at home, it seems people have decided anything with wheels is a fun way to get outside. We totally agree, and it hasn't stopped us shipping to skaters and our awesome retail partners.

30 years in the skateboard industry.

dot boards are the brainchild of the Hill Brothers that founded Globe international and have been in the skate industry for over 30 years. Because of this heritage, dot Boards are emerging as the electric skateboard that all types of existing board riders choose. From skaters, we often hear how familiar they feel to ride. After 30 years of refining and testing skateboards you can rest assured that the decks, trucks, bearings, bushings, and wheels are all top notch. Take those skate components and add 5 Years of research and product development for the electrics, batteries, software, and powertrain and you get one amazing, flexible and robust board.

Because we are such a well established company, we have resources and help wherever you might be. When you are a dot owner, you can expect world class support and service.


For our first blog post we want to focus on the dot Compact. It’s the closest thing to riding a regular skateboard… only electric. The deck shape, size, and weight really feel natural to those that ride a regular skateboard. The deck is a combination of super strong V-Ply maple with fiberglass. It provides both strength and pop, if you want to ollie, you can ollie, hell, we encourage it. Check out Globe rider Sammy Montano giving it a blast. Check it out. 

The compact can be configured with one or two motors and one or two battery packs. With removable batteries that are under 99wh its the perfect travel companion, being airline compatible. You can choose to keep it super lightweight to get started, and when you want some more range and speed add another motor and battery later on. See the details of the Compact here


If you are already awesome and already own a dot Board, we recently released a new firmware version for both the remote and the board. Go ahead and download the dot Hub tool (if you haven't already) and follow the instructions. Be sure to use the dot data cable that came shipped with your board. It’s special, just like you.

Staying Social, staying connected.

We have been so thrilled to see skaters stoked on dot Boards celebrating with social media posts, and tagging us. dot skaters are unique individuals that love a stylish, quality product, and love the extensible modular nature of the boards. Help us share the love, so be sure to follow and tag @dot.boards whenever you post. Who knows, we might feature you on our channel.

As our community of skaters continues to grow, we want to hear from you all, and connect you with other  dot skaters. Get on over to our Facebook page, say hey, and let everyone know where you are at. 

Thanks for being part of the dot crew, please reach out to us with any questions or comments.


The dot Boards team.