How do I change my ride settings?

The dot Board is designed to be adaptable to the way you ride. Each board comes programmed with three ride modes, designed to help put each rider in their own sweet spot. By default, all dot Boards will be set to Novice when they are first sent out from HQ, but once you’ve become familiar with your board, you can explore additional ride modes ‘Eco’ and ‘Expert’.

To change the ride level on your dot Board:

  1. Turn on the Remote control and wakeup the skateboard with a push.
  2. Click down on the d-pad of your dot Remote several times to reach the Ride menu and click right to select.
  3. Use up/down to select the Ride level sub-menu and then click right again to select.
  4. Use up/down to select the desired Novice, Eco, or Expert ride level.
  5. Click left several times to return to ride status screens.

If you’ve become confident in your abilities and made the move to Expert mode, then you’ll find that this mode also permits you the opportunity to make finer adjustments to the acceleration and braking curves of your dot Board. This capability allows you to shape your connection with your board and customise the way your board responds under acceleration and braking.