Innovation, flexibility, and modular design.

Innovation, flexibility, and modular design.

Electric skateboards in general have come a long way in recent years – and we’re not the only team making the push for greater performance and versatility. But the approach we’ve taken has meant that we’re able to create a rider experience that just can’t be matched. 

A big part of that is down to our commitment to modular design – creating boards that enable the rider to change the way their board feels and performs at will. With a dot Board, everything from the batteries, to the wheels, to the number of hub motors can be changed. And all that can be done in a couple minutes with an allen key.

modular batteries – weight and range

Flip a dot Board over, and the first thing you’ll see is the dot BM100 batteries. Their positioning isn’t unique, but what their modular design makes possible definitely is. BM110 battery packs let the rider add range or cut weight at will. When you want a high portability, something you can stash under desks, in overhead storage, and carry with you between stints riding – a one battery setup is ideal. For longer stints, two or more packs will let you go further. Making the choice is as simple as undoing a few screws with the allen key your dot Board has hidden in the front truck.

Each unit houses lithium tech that can store enough energy to take riders up to 10 km on a single motor setup, and each additional battery pack will add considerable range on top of that. Individually, their sub 99Wh capacity makes them safe and legal for airline travel – perfect for those always on the move. And their modularity is taken even further by their being interchangeable between Compacts, Cruisers and Transporters. You can use batteries from your Compact to add range to your Transporter, or even stash spares from your Cruiser in your backpack to make your Compact go all day.

the dot hub motor – performance and versatility

Our dot Hub Motors are right at the heart of how we get the best out of our boards. They’re what enable us to produce boards that ride the way a skateboard should – and the tech that they house means they can more than keep up with geared belt-driven boards

But it isn’t exclusively their performance that sets them apart. Their modular design makes it easy to add and remove individual motors and get targeted about the way you run your setup. A process that is much simpler than altering any belt-driven powertrain. 

Running a single motor setup is a great way to get more range out of your board when you can do without the extra torque. But you aren’t sacrificing much, as even a single dot Hub Motor with our patent pending tech will be enough to carry most riders up a 15% incline. For days where you aren’t climbing many steep hills, the added range that comes with a single motor setup can come in handy.

On days where you want that extra power – a couple minutes work to add a second motor will see your dot Board equipped to climb up to 30% inclines and bring you up to 40kph on the flat. Modularity means that it’s your choice – when and how you want to make it.

design that strikes the perfect balance

When you look at each of the boards in our range, the Compact, the Cruiser, and the Transporter, you’ll see that there’s a clear continuum we’re striving to cover. Each of these boards does it’s own thing well – and modularity within that board type is how we open the abilities of those boards even further.

Matching the power, weight, and performance of your board to what you need on the day is one side of all this – but the other side of modular design is what it does to the affordability of dot Boards. Like we’re saying, you won’t always need two hub motors, and you won’t always need multiple batteries. But the freedom to make changes to the way your board runs means that you aren’t locked into one way of doing things.

This means you can get a board that does what it needs to now at a lower price point – but you’ll still have the freedom to add accessories as your needs change. For those looking to get their hands on a board that will grow alongside them as they go further and faster (and want to be able to easily replace parts as they wear) – you simply can’t look past dot.

discover dot Boards for yourself

Performance, versatility and solid design principles are at the heart of everything we’re doing at dot. Our focus on modular design is just one part of how we are making that effort to generate high performing boards that can adapt to the way you ride.

To get a closer look at a dot Board for yourself, head to one of our retail demo centres. That’s where you’ll get a chance to get hands-on with a dot Board, and get an in-person look at the modular design elements we’re talking about.

Head to our demo locations page to find your nearest stockist. If you’re having any trouble finding a location, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach out to us directly by firing an email at

The dot Boards Team