Meet dot Cruiser

Meet dot Cruiser

Just over a month ago we posted a blog introducing dot Compact. Now, we think it’s time you got a chance to meet dot Cruiser. Striving for the best of both worlds – dot Cruiser brings together power, portability and range. A combination that makes this all-rounder just the thing so many riders have been looking for.

dot Board Cruiser deck product shot

The all-rounder electric board skaters have been waiting for

The most versatile of our boards, and the one to look to for the most balanced take on power, portability and range – a dot Cruiser is the perfect all rounder for those looking to do a bit of everything. A middle length option that sits between dot Compacts and dot Transporters – we know that the dot Cruiser is exactly what so many riders have been looking for in an electric skateboard.

Design that’s built to perform

Like all dot boards, the dot Cruisers are designed to be reshaped to suit the way you ride. We’ve used a modular design – meaning that riders have the freedom to take a greater hand in shaping the capabilities of their board using our patent-pending components. The standard configuration for the Cruiser see’s you kitted out with one dot Hub Motor and one BM100 Battery – and this way of setting up your dot will get you about 10km of range and hitting about 30kph at top speed on the flat.

The modularity of dot Boards means that you can equip your Cruiser for anything the day throws at you. A single dot Hub motor will handle most rides – generating enough torque from within the hub to carry riders weighing up to around 120kg or 260lbs up a 15% incline. Adding a second motor brings that climbing capability up to a 30% incline, enough to chew up absurd climbs.

The added length of the dot Cruiser deck means you can configure your Cruiser with up to three batteries. Each additional BM100 battery adds about 10km or 6 miles of range – bringing the range of the dot Cruiser out to about 30km or 18 miles. All of this can be changed with a few minutes work with an allen key hidden in the front truck. 

Cruiser Ocean shot

A cruiser skateboard that rides exactly the way it should

The range and power are impressive but they won't be the first thing you notice when you step on a dot Cruiser for the first time. What will stand out most is the work we’ve done to build an electric skateboard that rides the same way a traditional board does.

A big part of what sets our boards apart is the care we’ve taken to ensure that they ride the way a traditional board does.

We’ve kept the profile super low and responsive – something made possible by the space we’ve saved in developing a drivetrain that doesn’t use belts or gearing. The deck is made of the same super-strong maple V-Ply with fibreglass as the Compact – and features a kicktail that keeps the dot Cruiser fun and nimble.  

While some of the more outlandish tricks you’ll see on our Instagram @dot.boards are done riding a Compact, the Cruiser definitely gives you everything you need to navigate curbs and level changes with ease. But we’ve got clips of dot Riders ollie-ing and kickflipping their Cruisers that prove you can take it further!

The dot Cruiser also features ultra-light magnesium trucks and Swiss Abec 7 bearings – used to give the rider a steady and precise feeling under acceleration or braking. The extended wheelbase adds plenty of stability at speed, and comfort over those longer distances – making the dot Cruiser a true all-day electric skateboard.

Check a dot Cruiser out for yourself

For an in-person look at what a dot Cruiser, Compact or Transporter can do – head to your nearest demo location. If you’re having any trouble finding a location, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by firing an email off to

You can also check out our socials to see dot Boards in action. Riders from all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada have been tagging @dotBoards on Instagram and Facebook – and we’re always keen to share it around.

The dot Boards Team