Meet dot Transporter

Meet dot Transporter

A little while back, we put out a blog introducing dot Compact, and earlier this month we put out a post talking about dot Cruiser. Now, we want to do the same for dot Transporter, giving you a chance to find out a bit more about the big brother of the dot Board family.

dot Transporter is the ultimate get-around – the long-range solution that brings electric freedom to any commute. Built to the same modular design principles as dot Compact and dot Cruiser, dot Transporter is the all-day, ride-anywhere board that we know so many riders are looking for.

A long and low electric skateboard that’s built to perform

Looking at a dot Transporter, it’s the deck that you’ll notice first. With a long and low profile – this is the board built to handle pace and all-day rides. Both dot Compacts and dot Cruisers are made with the same super-strong maple V-Ply with fibreglass – a deck material that gives you the pop to make the most of their kicktails and ride them like a traditional street board. But Transporters change that up.

Measuring 107cm/42” long, the deck of the dot Transporter is a 8-ply teak and hard rock maple with eco-resin used to bind it all together. By far the longest deck of the dot Boards family, this deck material is the natural pair for the enhanced range that you get with dot Transporter. As it carries a touch less of the vibration up from the road and offers just a little more flex in the ride. Along with the 28cm/11” width of the deck, the Transporter deck makes for a super stable and comfortable ride, even over long rides moving at pace.

Same dot modular design – unbeatable range

Modularity is a key design feature of all dot Boards as it’s what gives riders the freedom to shape their board to the way they ride. The standard configuration sees a Transporter equipped with two dot Hub motors and two batteries. But the extended underside of the Transporter deck opens up even greater opportunities to expand the range and power of your dot – opening up space for more batteries that you can’t find on the Transporter's shorter counterparts.

The underside of the 42”/107cm long dot Transporter gives riders room to equip their board with up to four BM100 batteries. This will add weight, but it will also greatly expand the range of your board. As a general rule of thumb – each battery pack should get you about 10km/6miles of riding. With the space to equip four batteries on the underside of the dot Transporter – you can get up to 40kms/24miles on a single charge with a full load-out. 

The same dot Hub motors that propel dot Compact and Cruiser find themselves right at home at the back of this long-range commuter – the standard dual motor setup generating enough torque to carry riders weighing up to around 120kg/260lbs up 30% inclines. As for what dot Transporter can do on the flat – this is where your choice of wheels comes into play.

Stability at speed – an electric skateboard designed to move at pace

dot Boards come fitted out with the 83mm 78a polyurethane performance wheels. For a wheel that passes torque directly to the road and gives you a solid combination of grip and road feel – these are the go. But the cutaway shaping of the Transporter opens space for a larger diameter option. The 120mm wheels that are unique to Transporters are perfect for those looking to steady out their ride – allowing riders to confidently take on rough and uneven surfaces with confidence, even cruising over cobblestones.

The 83mm wheels will see you cruising at 30kph/18mph without breaking a sweat – but the 120mm wheels open out that top speed even further. With that extra radial length, and a dual dot Hub motor pairing, you’ll be able to hit up to 40kph/24mph on the flat. Loads of pace to beat traffic and make your way around the city with ease. With dot Hub motors, can get even faster than that when freewheeling downhill. Find out more about how our patent pending motors make that possible here.

It’s the combination of speed and range that make dot Transporters stand out. Even within the dot family, there isn’t anything that stacks up quite like it. Kitted out with a board that can cover up to 40km under drive, and hit speeds of 40kph on the flat,  we know you’ll be hooked on the electric freedom of a dot Transporter in no time.

Check a dot Transporter out for yourself

To get a good in-person look at a Transporter, or to try one out alongside the Compact or Cruiser – just head to your nearest demo location. If you can’t find one near you, reach out to us by flicking an email to, we’re always keen to help out where we can. 

You can also head to our socials to see dot Boards in action, and stay across any announcements or events. Riders from all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada have been sending us their clips by tagging @dotBoards on Instagram and Facebook. Check it out!

The dot Boards Team